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Who we are:

Welcome to Shinsei Martial Arts & Fitness Center! We are an exciting Christian alternative teaching traditional Karate in St. Augustine, FL, and offering the amazing physical and character building benefits of martial arts instruction in a safe, dynamic learning environment centered on the Truths from God’s Word in the Bible. Using the Fruit of the Spirit and traditional Japanese martial arts styles we help students realize the value in becoming a stand up citizen for God and our society.


So how can the Bible be the center of a martial arts program? Well, as a martial arts program, we spend a significant amount of time training in the physical skills for a self-defense scenario that we hope we will never face. But more importantly, as a Christian martial arts program we train using God’s Word to prepare for the spiritual battles that we know we’re going to face every single day. Sounds great doesn’t it? (Well it really is!)

At Shinsei Martial Arts we practice Karate-do, an effective and traditional martial arts style. Our goal is to help our students become Christian Black Belts who will be outstanding members and leaders in their families, their local church, and the community. And it’s a real blessing to say that we’ve seen that happen in lots of lives across a lot of years!


Our Mission

The Mission of Shinsei Martial Arts Ministries is to provide a quality Martial Arts program that teaches students of all ages to discover their power, harden their discipline and honor all of their commitments in life through the positive benefits of martial arts from a Christian perspective.


  •  To put God before ALL things.

  •  To respect each student as a valued unique individual with distinct interest and opinions.

  •  To be sensitive to the student’s varying abilities and learning styles.

  •  To provide students with the foundations for learning with opportunities for choice, experimentation, creativity, and problem

  •  To focus on the strength and courage needed for success in the Christian life.

  •  To instill love and respect for God, Family and Country.

Statement of Faith

While we do not promote any one Christian denomination over another, we do in our practice and actions try to exemplify the principles of the Christian faith.

“Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” 
Matthew 22:37,39b

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