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This program is for students ages 13 and older and is designed to give teenagers and adults a safe environment to learn basic and advanced self defense techniques. Our adult program is perfect for all levels. We allow adults to train at their own pace. It is an excellent class to get in shape and learn effective self-defense. 


At Shinsei Martial Arts we have developed proven teaching methods for students of all ages & physical abilities that will not only help you learn the art of self-defense quickly & easily, but also provide you with a wide range of other exciting benefits. Some benefits of our programs include…



  • Improved reflexes & coordination

  • Increased strength & stamina

  • Increased energy

  • Increased flexibility & weight control

  • Great cardiovascular work out keeps you in excellent shape



  • Improved concentration for better work & study habits

  • Stress reduction & increased levels of relaxation

  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can protect yourself & family

  • Increased self discipline & confidence to develop a positive attitude towards life.

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