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Shinsei Wrestling Club is AAU Chartered. You do not need an AAU card to practice but you will need it for most tournaments we enter. There is an additional cost per year for special wrestling insurance and coverage.


You can get them at Click on the button below and complete the membership form. 



The sport of wrestling is a very natural thing for kids to do at a young age. Most of us can remember as kids wrestling around in the yard and in the house. Organized wrestling can bring in an element of safety and has many other benefits as well. This program will introduce the basic fundamentals of wrestling starting with grades K thru 8.

Whether your athlete’s aspirations are simply to develop of those basic benefits of wrestling and have a little fun along the way, or to train toward the ultimate dream of success in wrestling at the highest level, Shinsei Wrestling Club has a place for them.

Children ages 5 to 13 will learn the moves and rules of how to compete as a high school wrestler all while learning good sportsmanship and Christian values. Our vision is to increase the technical knowledge and enhance the competitive spirit of wrestlers through training and healthy competition. It is the goal of Shinsei to provide the best wrestling instruction and to offer quality training opportunities to increase the success of our wrestlers.

We are committed to the youth of St. Johns County. Using the Fruit of the Spirit, we strive to create and support children that display leadership, discipline, integrity and loyalty. These characteristics are fundamentally important to success both on and off the mat. With the continued support of our community, the Shinsei wrestling program will be one of the most popular programs in St. Johns County.


That’s what makes it a great sport. Boys, girls, short, tall, big, small – anyone can wrestle! Because you wrestle people of your same weight and age, size is not an issue as it may be in a football or basketball. Every high school in St. Johns County as a wrestling program.


• Wrestling is a natural activity, one of the first forms of physical play that young           children do without ever having been taught.

• As wrestlers gain experience, technique becomes complex and often correlates to     high academic performance.

• Wrestling does not favor any particular race, gender, culture, size, or stature and is     practiced on all continents.

• Wrestling builds character that contributes to one's ability to become a                           responsible member of society.

• Wrestling is a sport of control - not violence.

• Wrestling is a great way to build confidence and self-defense skills.

• Wrestling can dramatically improve one's ability to perform in other sports.

• Wrestling develops agility, balance, reflexes and strength in every major muscle         group.

• Win or lose, wrestlers must shake their opponent's and opposing coach's hands,         ensuring that sportsmanship remains a vital part of the sport.

• Proper weight management develops healthy eating habits that benefit the                   individual throughout life. 

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