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Shinsei Wrestling Camp

Shinsei Martial Arts Wrestling Camp!!
Would you be interested in your child attending a week long wrestling camp?
No traveling
No Overnights

We are looking at putting together a week long wrestling camp for beginners
(Grade 1 thru 5). The camp hours would be from 9 am to 2 pm right at our location in WGV. The camp would max out at 12 students per week however, you could enroll in more than one week once the schedule is posted.

Let us know if you would be interested by adding a comment. We know we will get likes, but we are asking that if you are truly interested and would consider it, please indicate by leaving a comment.

Our Introduction to Wrestling Summer Camp is an excellent way for kids to try out the "world's oldest sport" for the first time. 


This camp is for elementary school youth who want to try wrestling for the first time. Campers must be 6 years or older by 12/31/09.

​In addition to teaching rules, scoring and providing an overview of the sport, the kids will begin to wrestle and learn basic positions/techniques. We will also play some games (often wrestling-related) to make sure these newcomers to the sport have a totally positive experience.

By the end of the camp, they should know if they like the idea of wrestling on a team next winter. If they do, they will be several steps ahead of other first year wrestlers!

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