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This program is designed for students ages 7 through 12. Students learn self defense skills that are appropriate for the types of situations they may encounter when dealing with others their own age, as well as ways to handle more serious self defense issues.

Students are also exposed to valuable life lessons that teach them how to avoid placing themselves in confrontational situations. This program is a great tool to help reinforce the positive values parents are teaching at home.

The program improves focus and concentration, instills self discipline and respect, improves performance in other sports, and develops a positive "I can do it!" attitude.

Students learn the importance of Black Belt Excellence, a metaphor for demonstrating strong character. This class meets twice per week for 50 minutes. Instructors lead by example and earn the respect of the students by always using positive reinforcement. Enrolling your child in Shinsei's youth class could be one of the best decisions you could make toward their future.

​At Shinsei Martial Arts, your child will build confidence, focus, discipline and lifelong friendships. Shinsei programs are FUN and specially designed to help young children learn and develop positive social skills.

​At Shinsei, your child will experience:

  • A more positive attitude toward life

  • Improved effort and motivation at home

  • Increased respect for themselves, parents and other adults

  • The ability to deal more effectively with peer pressure

  • The desire to live a healthy and drug free life

  • Increased desire to learn and study at school

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